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Acting Class LA

  How Do On Camera Acting Classes Differ From Other Acting Classes LA?

Many people who aspire to be actors or actresses come to Los Angeles. Because of this, there are many different acting class LA that you can take in their area. Many of these classes teach you basic skills on acting, while others are more specialized, such as on camera acting classes. If you are looking to take an acting class or two, you may wonder how an on camera acting class differs compared to a traditional class. Here are some of the key differences between these types of acting classes.

They Prepare You to Be In Front of a Camera
Acting for a camera is very different than being on stage in a theater and acting for an audience. Theater is more dramatic and also allows you the ability to read the faces of your audience and see how they like your performance. With camera acting, you do not get that instant gratification. You also have to be aware of where cameras are, where you should be looking, and how a camera reads and picks up on your facial expressions. All of this is taught during on camera acting lessons.

They Teach You On Camera Audition Techniques
Auditioning for an on camera part is usually quite different than auditioning for a part in a play or on stage piece. Many people transition from theater to on camera work, so you need to know how the auditions vary and how to act in your audition. During on camera acting lessons, you are taught how to audition for these roles so you have a better chance at landing them.

They Provide You With Reel Footage
Lastly, reel footage is extremely important when auditioning for on camera parts. A casting agent wants to see how you look on film. As such, they ask you to submit reel footage with your head shots, prior to an audition. Many on camera acting classes can help you to put together this reel footage, ensuring you have the best possible footage of yourself on camera to submit to casting agents around town.
When you are looking to take an acting class LA, one of the factors that you need to consider is whether you are taking a class that is geared toward more of a theater or Broadway setting or if you are taking an on camera acting class. On camera acting classes are perfect for those who want to do commercial, television or film. Here at Screen Actors System, we offer on camera screen acting classes. Sign up to take part in one of our classes today.

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