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Demo Reel

Frequently Asked Questions About an Actor Reel or Demo Reel

Many acting schools provide you with an actor reel, also commonly called a demo reel, as part of your enrollment in the course. In addition to this, many schools offer actor demo reel classes, designed to help you prepare for a demo reel and to film a demo reel. However, unless you are already working as an actor or auditioning, you may not fully understand what an actor reel is or what the significance of having one is. Here are a few of the questions you may have about a demo reel or actor reel.

What is an Actor Reel or Demo Reel?
An actor reel or demo reel is basically a short film that showcases some of your strongest acting performances. This short film is generally only two to three minutes in length. Those who are looking to case for commercial, television shows, films or theater often ask you to submit an actor reel before they will call you in for an audition. They watch the actor reels and make a decision as to whether you are right for the part or not based on that short clip. As such, your clip needs to really showcase your strongest performances.

Do You Need an Actor Reel or Demo Reel?
More and more casting agencies are requiring actor reels or demo reels for those who are applying for a role. Without this reel, you may not get a call back. As such, it is important that you have an actor reel that really showcases who you are as an actor right now, what your talents are, and what your strongest performances are. Being able to show a wide range of performances or targeting the reel to a specific type of performance is important.

What Are the Benefits of Actor Demo Reel Classes?
Your actor demo reel really needs to be mind-blowing. It is what will set you apart from other actors who are looking to obtain the same part as you. Actor demo reel classes can help you to prepare for demo reel footage that is going to be shot, ultimately making your demo reel or actor reel footage more compelling, while also being able to show off more of who you are as an actor.
More and more companies are looking at a demo reel or actor reel before they call actors in for readings. If yours is not great, they won't call you. Here at Screen Actors System, we offer actor demo reel classes and can help you put together an amazing demo reel, showcasing your true acting talent. Contact us today to learn more about our actor reel services and courses.

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