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Watch the demo:

"Get 3 scenes shot in ONE DAY for your new...


...and 10x the number of auditions and parts you get..."

(Without Having To Take Class or Wait For Footage!)


Changing the lives of actors

Join the successful actors who are actively using

Screen Actors System reels to easily get auditions and launch their careers!

You're trying to get auditions. You're submitting and want to be taken seriously as an actor. You've even shelled out for headshots and taken some classes that haven't seemed to help.

And they're still not casting you.  

Fortunately, there's one acting trick you don't even know you have up your sleeve: the power of Screen Actors System's demo reels.  As an artist, you're in the perfect spot to build a career based on this power! 

Sign up now for this groundbreaking intensive and you will get to film 3 cinematic reel scenes with renowned director and acting coach, Ryan R. Williams.

 (winner Backstage Magazine Reader’s Choice Award for Best On-Camera Instructor in Los Angeles)

Ryan and his team will shoot and edit enough material for an entire acting reel

All in one day.  Sound too good to be true?

Here’s the proof:


Johnny Rey Diaz

Award Winning Filmmaker and Actor

 "Queen of the South", "NCIS", "Scorpion"

Before Screen Actors System many of my performances were too theatrical, Ryan has taught me the importance of minimum movement and using your true voice in telling a story. This class tackles not only the art of acting but also the business and technical side of it, which is just as important.


The indies you’ve been doing have come up short and by now you’re tired of waiting around for your footage. Now it’s time to let a professional make you shine in 3 fully produced scenes.


You, heard with the best sound. 

You, filmed on the best camera (color, sound & editing included).

You, delivering a performance that casting directors will say “yes” to.

Film Set


On top of the 4K reel footage you will receive promptly after the 1 day workshop, you will also learn groundbreaking "movie star" quick tricks to increase your bookings and knock it out of the park.

Attend this one of a kind event and find out why Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kristen Bell, Jodie Foster, Owen Wilson, and dozens of A-Listers trust Ryan R. Williams with their on-camera performances.


A showreel shot in 3 different locations with 3 different looks, and there's never any hidden charges. It's all included for one price.

During this 1 day event, you will collaborate with award winning filmmaker Ryan R. Williams to achieve “A” picture performances in your very own reel footage that is fully produced, shot on location, edited and ready to use.

1 Monologue

1 Interaction Scene

1 Walk & Talk Scene

BONUS* Slate Shot

Video Editing

Editing Included

Sound Design Included

Color Correction Included





What is Going to Happen on the Day?

Film Slate Marker

10:30am -  11am

All attendees arrive at the location for check in.

11am -  11:30am

Orientation and Ryan's on-camera quick tips and tricks that will give you the movie star edge.

11:30am -  Noon

Slate Shot Session

These 7 second personalized intros will be used on all online casting sites.  They are a must have in todays acting market.  It's the first chance casting gets to see you, and with our footage, you will stand out from the competition.


Noon -  2pm

Monologue Session

We will help you craft and tailor a monologue that fits you're casting prior to the workshop date via email and you will be ready to deliver it on the day. Ryan and his team will be there to coach you all the way.


2pm -  3pm

Scene Partner Assignments / LUNCH

We will pair you up with scene partners appropriate for your casting. Ryan or our resident writers will assist you in crafting a dialogue scene that pops.  It will be a working lunch as we collaborate with you and shape the scene.  No need to prep for this one, we have you covered. 

3pm -  6pm

Walk & Talk / Interaction Scenes

For the rest of the day, we will lock into shooting in multiple locations.  Prior to the workshop we lock in your dialogue for the walk and talk. Now it's time for us to help you deliver.  You will have time to rehearse your interaction scene in between setups and change costumes.  You will also be creating atmosphere for other people's scenes as a warmup to your big moments.   And then... 


When you are finished filming your scenes, you are officially wrapped! Our team will take your footage and cut your monologue, your interaction scene and your walk & talk scene and your bonus slate shot. Promptly after the workshop we will deliver them to you fully edited, color corrected, sound mixed and ready to use on all casting platforms and social media outlets. 

Sign up now for this 1 day reel shoot event and you will get to film 3 cinematic reel scenes with renowned director and acting coach, Ryan R. Williams (winner Backstage Magazine Reader’s Choice Award for Best On-Camera Instructor in Los Angeles).  

Watch Demo:


It has been a privilege to be apart of Screen Actors System. Ryan R. Williams has expanded my mind and taught me tactics necessary for film. He is so passionate and enthusiastic about teaching, so if you’re the same way about improving your craft you will love itThis class reinsures me every week that I want to continue on as an actor and amongst other areas in this “business.” His energy and creativity bounces off the actors and creates a family like bond amongst us. " -Sarunas J. Jackson

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